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This is a super, super, extremely super, build for a survival caveman game that I only have (tons of) concepts for. I don't know exactly where I'm gonna go with this but as of right now I am just implementing the basic survival aspects. I plan on this being a mmo type game where you can choose a faction (species of caveman) who each have certain abilities their good at and a class (hunter, shaman, ect.) But for now its a small test map and basic hunger, thirst, health. stamina, and temp bars (althought you cant actually drink or eat yet)

Published Jan 10, 2017
GenreRole Playing
Tags3D, caveman, free, MMORPG
Average sessionA few seconds

Install instructions

Step 1 - Extract the .zip file

Step 2 - Click the .exe file (as long as its in the folder with the data file)

Step 3 - Enjoy and give feedback


Survival.zip 43 MB

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